Pre Galvanizde Square Steel Pipe Welded Pipe Metal Tube Square Pipe

Pre Galvanizde Square Steel Pipe Welded Pipe Metal Tube Square Pipe
  • China
  • 15days - 60days
  • 800,000 Tons

Pre-galvanized steel pipe is the treatment of steel pipe before galvanizing: degreasing treatment, derusting treatment, phosphating treatment, drying treatment;
Pre plated new steel pipe, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and welded pipe are mainly used in agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, automobile and other fields.

Pre Galvanizde Square Steel Pipe Welded Pipe Metal Tube Square Pipe

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Pre Galvanizde Square Steel Pipe Welded Pipe Metal Tube Square Pipe
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Factors affecting the performance of galvanized steel pipe

One is carbon: the content of carbon will affect the hardness of steel. The higher the content of carbon, the better the hardness, but at the same time its toughness also deteriorates. The content of sulfur and phosphorus is also one of the indicators that affect the performance of galvanized steel pipes. Appropriate content can improve the machinability of the steel, but at the same time it also reduces the toughness and plasticity of the steel. Chromium can make galvanized steel pipes have better wear resistance and enhance their corrosion resistance. In addition, silicon, tungsten, chromium and other elements will also affect its performance.


The second is the material: the material is different, the specification is different, and the scope of use is also different. There are also many differences in materials. Some of them are made of pure broken, and some are produced with trial plates. The products of galvanized steel pipes such as 369 and other products also give suppliers and users a lot of choice.

Who we are

Tianjin Huilai International Trade Co., Ltd

TianJin HuiLai International Trade Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, Company is a specializing in the export of galvanized steel pipe, galvanized coil, scaffolding, steel prop, steel plank and other steel products.

TianJin HuiLai International Trade Co.,Ltd is subordinate to TianJin TianYingTai Steel Pipe Group. It is a professional export subsidiary of TianYingTai Steel Pipe Group.

Since its establishment in 2012, TianJin HuiLai International Trade Co., Ltd has export more than 600 thousand tons of steel pipe products. Customer are all over Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa and other places. Products are mainly used in chemical industry, machinery, construction, furniture and other industries.

We have experienced staff to provide our customers with the most professional and considerate service.

Unique cleaner production


The galvanized steel pipe adopts the sulfate electrogalvanized zinc-iron alloy process, which is that the production line groove and the groove are perforated and straight, and the solution is not carried out or overflowed. Each process in the production process is composed of a circulation system. Each tank solution, namely acid and alkali solution, electroplating solution, light extraction and passivation solution, etc., is only recycled and used without leakage or discharge to the outside of the system. The production line only has 5 cleaning tanks, and the circulation is adopted. Reuse the regular discharge, especially the production process without waste water that is not cleaned after passivation.

Tianjin Tianyingtai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

Tianjin TianYingTai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a professional enterprise engaged in steel pipe production.

The company has 14 production lines of various types of galvanized steel pipes, 10 deep processing production lines of steel pipes, and 2 environmental protection hot-dip galvanizing production lines, with an annual output of more than 600000 tons of galvanized steel pipes of various types.

The products are mainly used in agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, automobile and other fields.

The company has invested a lot of money to establish a national certified professional test center, which can provide customers with professional and authoritative product test reports.

In order to provide customers with efficient, convenient and low-cost services, the company has invested in the construction of a 20000 square meter indoor fully enclosed modern logistics and warehousing center, equipped with a professional logistics transportation and packing team. It can provide customers with one-stop service of product storage, packing, billing and delivery, with daily packing capacity of 20 - 25 and packing accuracy of 100%

Our commitment

We have sophisticated testing equipment

We have established a fully functional experimental detection center. In order to ensure the quality of products, the chemical elements, mechanical properties, surface characteristics, limit test and other aspects of the product are tested.

We have certification

Our products have passed the Philippine national certification, ISO9001 certification, BSOHSAS18001 certification, EU certification.

High-quality Pre-sale Service and Perfect After-sales Service System

1.Professional Sales Manager to Remove Your Troubles and Solve Your Difficulties.

2.Support customers to inspect products at any time. Welcome customers to visit factory.

3.When problems arise, we should focus on customers and actively assist them in solving them.

All services are designed to make customers more comfortable.


1.  Are you trading company or manufacture?

We have our own factory Tianjin Tianyingtai(TYT) Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, Which is professional manufacture for steel pipe and scaffoldings. After 19 years rapid development, we have 26 production lines for various kinds of steel pipe and annual production more than 1000000 tons

2. How about the delivery time?

10-15 days after receiving the deposit(1*40FT as usual)

We can sent out in 2 days, if it has stock.

We has a modern logistics center with an area of 20000M2 , the daily packing capacity is

20-  25,and the packing accurace rate is 100%

3. How can you guarantee what I got will be good?

We are national High-tech enterprise and have best environmental friendly intelligent factory ,From material to products, we inspect each process to keep quality ,and BV/SGS inspection can be accept.

4. How long does your warranty?

We can assured the quality within 90 days after receiving the cargoes.

5. Can you make the product according to our requirements?

Yes,of course.

6. Can you send a free sample for inspection?

Yes, we can.

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