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A brief review of the 25 coil Market in September

A brief review of the 25 coil Market in September - low turnover and weak market in the short term
Opening today, the overall price of the hot coil Market weakened steadily, trading situation is not ideal, the market mentality is weak, coupled with fluctuations in futures performance, market expectations are more pessimistic.
Tangshan [Tangshan] The performance of hot coils in Tangshan market today is more cautious, with 4.75 * 1500 * C above Yangang / Anfeng open plate 4200 yuan / ton, weak demand side, overall transaction deviation, large TRADERS'market inventory around 20,000 tons, and spot traders are mainly shipped.
[Shanghai] The hot coil in Shanghai area showed a downward trend today. Affected by the decline of mid-term goods, it was down 20-30 yuan / ton, 4.75 * 1500 * C above Yangang / Shagang / Benxi steel 4280-4290 yuan / ton. The high price is low and the transaction is light. Before the National Day holiday, the market demand is still weak, the transaction has not improved significantly, and the market will still be weak.
[Xi'an] Hot-rolled coil prices in Xi'an today are 10 yuan/ton lower than those quoted before the festival and 4220 yuan/ton lower than those in the mainstream. Due to weak local market demand, businessmen are in a strong wait-and-see mood, with a bad mentality and poor overall shipment. It is expected that in the short term, the price of hot-rolled coil in Xi'an market will continue to be weak.
[Zhengzhou] The hot coil Market in Zhengzhou dropped all the way today, followed by the spot market, falling by 30-50 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of hot coil over 4.75 mm is about 4280 yuan / ton, the overall deal is gloomy. As the National Day approaches, the downstream market is still dominated by on-demand purchases, and businesses are watching the market and shipping carefully.
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